How to survive the breakup and get better -- steps for survival.
Surviving the Breakup

It's Over - Now What? (Part 2)
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By Dr. Truth

STEP THREE: Practice Optimism

Attitude is everything.

Research shows that those who are taught optimism as children; that is, who learn early on to see disappointment merely as one stage in the evolution of growth and change, handle these situations more gracefully. If an old toy broke, Mommy probably bought us a new one to replace the broken plaything. Basically, eventually, something better came along to take its place. Understanding even catastrophic loss in these terms increases our ability to transcend temporary setbacks.

Optimism is Aided by Pampering

Taking care of ourselves Confident that our anguish is finite, pampering ourselves lavishly during the recovery period becomes easier once we have understood that whether it is a broken toy or a broken relationship, something better is bound to come along sooner or later.

Stay in bed, read mysteries, splurge on that makeover, go to the expensive salon that you've been telling yourself you couldn't afford.

Optimisim is Boosted by Positive Activity

Have a maid service clean your house, get out of town for the weekend, go to that spa, exercise furiously (it relieves tension).

Basically, do all those things you've been putting off forever because you've been so obsessed and enamored that you haven't had time.

Optimism is Greatly Enhanced by Imagery

Your future -- he's gained at least 50 pounds and you're FREE!

Imagery helps enormously. Picture your "ex" fifty pounds heavier and miserable, while you leap joyfully through a field of daisies or blissfully sail off into the sunset.

Resist the temptation to retaliate.

Remember that happiness is the best revenge.

STEP FOUR: Take Your Time

Don't feel pressured to rush desperately back into the dating world. Rebuild your social life slowly. Networking through friends is safest, and above all, see potential new relationships casually for a while before getting physically involved.

Don't call and hang up. Don't drive by his/her house. Don't call crying at three a.m. because you're lonely, and above all, resist the temptation to get physically involved with your "ex." Like any addiction, even to another person, each contact only prolongs the process of letting go.

Finally, remember your self-esteem has been tarnished and needs polishing.

Use this transitional period to rediscover your own worth and the strength of your inner being. Your time alone can be an opportunity for reflection, freedom, and self-discovery.

Each ending carries with it the seed of a new beginning.

This faith in our own empowerment enables us to recreate our own lives and energizes us to transform our reality.

AND remember - whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger listen to Kelly Clarkson and read the lyrics! And the fabulously classic I Will Survive from Gloria Gaynor for inspiration!

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