Who says I Love You first, the man or the woman

WHO'S The Most Attractive -- Happy or Moody Guy?
  • Smiling or Moody-Looking Guys - Who Wins?

    How about the dating tips that recommend men look happy and friendly to attract women - while women should appear, perhaps, mysteriously flirty to attract males.

    Guess what? They're VERY WRONG.

    According to a study entitled "Happy guys finish last..." published by British Columbia researchers, Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, Guys should QUIT smiling and gals, cut the mysterious looks out of your repertoires.

    The bottom line indicated by the study is that women preferred men who looked anything but happy. Female respondents were drawn to the male who appeared powerful or proud, even moody and ashamed rather than the pleasant smiling chap.

    The study also showed that men were least attracted to women who looked as if they were confident and proud but were most sexually attracted to happy looking women.

    Jessica Tracy, the lead researcher reports, "We know that women like the bad boy. The James Dean, Edward the vampire - all these guys who are very broody, we know that women find them attractive."
    Happy guys finish last?

    Brooding Edward
    Questioning more than 1,000 people, four different studies were completed. Participants were required to report their gut reactions to a series of pictures of the opposite sex whose facial expressions showed different emotional states.

    The experimenter reported that smiling women are sending a really good message "... at least in men's eyes. They want to know a woman is available and interested in them," she said. "When men show that, it might almost signal too much availability."

    The assumption is that women may possibly be attracted to a guy who looks shameful or embarrassed guy because that at least indicates that a male is capable of being remorseful and accepting of social norms. "That's a really important message to convey because if you don't show shame, essentially if you're shameless, you could actually get excluded from the group," Tracy added.

    So, gals, keep smiling and guys, look broody and powerful, for ultimate dating-attraction-facial-factor-ability impact.

    Happy guys finish last: The impact of emotion expressions on sexual attraction.
    Tracy, Jessica L.; Beall, Alec T.
    Emotion, Vol 11(6), Dec 2011, 1379-1387.

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