are you over your ex boyfriend or girlfriend -- are you done with them, unaffected by them...
Are You Over Your Ex?
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Over your ex?
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Take this quiz and find out if you're over that last relationship and ready to move on!

1. You find a piece of clothing that your ex left behind at your place. You:

a)  Immediately start crying.
b)  Burn/rip/shred/tear/destroy it.
c)  Smell it, and think about the great times you had together.
d)  Drop it in the trash.
e)  Donate it to a charity.

2. You hear 'our song' on the radio. You:

a)  Immediately start crying.
b)  Throw the radio out the window.
c)  Change the station quickly.
d)  Think nothing of it.
e)  Listen to the song and reminisce.

3. Someone who doesn't know you two broke up asks you how your ex is doing. You:

a)  Immediately start crying.
b)  Reply, "Oh didn't you know? We broke up." And move on.
c)  Get tense and irritable.
d)  Reply, "Who?"
e)  Reply, "Oh, they're fine."

4.Your ex's phone number is:

a)  Enough to make you immediately start crying.
b)  The last number you called on your cell phone.
c)  Forgotten. Forever.
d)  Still programmed into your cell phone speed dial.
e)  Still memorized, but only because you called it so many times.

5. You're going to a party where you know your ex will be. You:

a)  Immediately start crying.
b)  Cancel and find something else to do.
c)  Go and have a good time. If you see them there, you say hello.
d)  Go with a hot date to make them jealous.
e)  Wear their favorite outfit so they will notice you.
e)  Go with friends and completely ignore your ex.

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