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  • NEWEST -- Steps for Surviving the Breakup -- It's Over -- Now What? - Dr. TRuth

  • How to Find a Relationship ~ Dr. TRuth Finding a Relationship

  • Help Yourself (Out of Misery) ~ Dr. TRuth

  • Dating and Relationship Advice Letters answered by Dr. TRuth

  • Types of Love

  • Is it Love - Or Infatuation?

  • Are Infatuation and Chemistry the Same?

  • Am I Really in Love? Is This THE One?

  • "How to find out if HE's the one"

  • "How can I tell if it's love?"

  • "Who Says "I Love You" First?"

  • "Friends or Lovers"

  • 7 Unexpected Places to Meet Great Men Over 40 - Lisa Daily

  • Is Dating Mr. Right Now Killing Your Chances For Mr. Right? ~ Lisa Daily

  • 5 Secrets to Attract The Opposite Sex (Like Ants To Grape Jelly) ~ Lisa Daily

  • HOW to Tell if He's Flirting with YOU - Top Ten Tips

    Couples and relationships
  • Everything I Know About Dating, I Learned in Kindergarten
  • Relationship Polls - Vote in Polls and see answers
  • Online Dating
  • How to Ask for that Date
  • Your Body Language


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    Great Dating and Relationship advice -- staying in your comfort zone and in a not-so-great relationship? Staying with Mr. almost Right or Ms. nearly Right - read this advice and move on -- settling never works out well in the end. Don't settle for a kind of all right, but not quite relationship -- get help and get going.