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Kissing Tips - step 4 4. Gaining Momentum

Key Elements:
Relaxed lips, Head tilt, Breathing

As you are moving in, you can part your lips slightly just before contact. Keep your lips relaxed, tension-free jaw, the tongue in the hangar.

Remember to keep the head tilted so both of you can still breathe comfortably (through your noses) on contact and as the perfect kiss is held.

Prepare to savor every moment ... slowly, gently, easily...

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Instructions for kissing and kissing tips with pics

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    Make out and kissing tips for the best kiss ever pictures

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    First kiss and more Free Couple romantic Kissing tips and find out how to make out - snogging how to kiss and more for teens kissing or anyone who needs to know how to perform the perfect kiss or wants to be able to kiss better and become the world's best kisser and impress someone -- check out fotos, pics and romantic ideas illustrated with kissing photos - described with THE SIX STEPS to a perfect KISS make out and the best snogging and kissing tips of all time, all free, help your romantic life and love life with - free fotos, steps and descriptions of French and first kiss tips and foto