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How to kiss - step 3 3. Down the Runway
(Also known as the point of no return)

Key Elements:
Relaxed lips, Closed eyes - prepare for your feet to leave the ground!

You won't need the speed of a 747 to get off the ground. Move in slowly, so that you don't end up embarrassingly banging heads, or lips. During step number two you made sure the two of you were aligned correctly, and now you can close your eyes as you're just about to make contact.

Your lips should be relaxed, not tightly pressed together. You want your partner to have the pleasant experience of feeling your lips softly against theirs, no matter whether you're a guy or a girl.

A First kiss isn't a time for a guy to prove his strength, or machismo. Your lips should be recently moistened, but not wet. For guys, don't lick your lips right before you go in for the kiss. You want them dry, but not dried out- get it? It's always best to keep a stick of lip balm handy with you when you think some kissing might be in your near future. Prior conditioning can go a long way when the actual moment arrives.

For girls, hopefully you didn't just apply your candy apple red Marilyn Monroe lipstick. Lip gloss, lightly applied, or a small amount of lipstick can both keep your lips looking kissable, and appropriately moist.

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First kiss and more with couples instructions for kissing and kissers tips with fotos

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    Free Kissing ideas Step 3 best way to make out and find out how to make out - snog, kiss and more for teens kissing or anyone who needs to know how to perform the perfect kiss learn for the first kiss with best fotos, pics and romantic ideas illustrated with kissing photos - described with THE SIX STEPS to a perfect KISS make out and the best snogging and kissing tips of all - free fotos, pictures, creative ideas, steps and descriptions of French and first kissing tips and foto