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Perfect Kiss Photos - Step 2 © Links2Love

How to kiss - step 2 Perfect Kiss Photos - Step 2© Links2Love
2. Final Instrument Check

Key Elements:
Closeness, Alignment, Physical Touch

As you move closer to that magical kiss, you don't want to be leaning forward awkwardly to get there.

Not only will moving closer send signals to your partner, but you want your body to be in a comfortable position during the kiss, so you can enjoy every moment of it.

You may want to actually touch the person just before the kiss. While a hand lightly on the face is a definite signal of intimacy, even holding hands combined with eye contact and a warm look can get your 'flight' confirmed.

Just like taxiing onto the runway, you want to make sure you are aligned correctly at this point. This means not only getting your lips on track with theirs, but getting the head tilted correctly as well.

If you tilt your head slightly to one side first, your partner will likely react and tilt the other way. Watch for their tilt as well- if they've beaten you to the tilt, simply lean your head the other way and begin to move in.

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    Free Kissing tips for teens kissing snogging, kissers fotos, pics, free foto, instructions, and how to kissing information for the perfect snog for teens , beginners, or anyone who needs to know how to perform -- and the second step to a delightful kiss is -- with a photograph of a couple kissing - using the technique for the perfect kiss illustrated with kissing photos - pictures of couple kissing and kissers described with THE SIX STEPS to a perfect KISS this is step two of kissing ideas and the best way for couples to find out how to make out with finesse. Especially guys who don't know butkiss or butkus about kissing.