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The Am I Hot? Test

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The Love Am I Hot Quiz

Take this test and see what your hottie-ness factor is!
1. Most guys would describe me as:

a)  A party animal!
b)  A nice girl.
c)  Friendly and outgoing.
d)  Quiet.
e)  A H-O-T-T-I-E! (If you answered 'e', then, do you REALLY need to be taking this test?)

2. On most weekend nights, I can most often be found:

a)  At the library.
b)  At the movies, with friends.
c)  At the movies, with a hot guy.
d)  At the movies, alone.
e)  At the mall, club, or wherever my friends are hanging out this week.
f)  Underneath the sheets of my bed, hiding from the bad men.
g)  At the biggest party possible!
h)  HOSTING the biggest party possible!

3. The number of guys I currently have at least a little crush on is usually:

a)  Do T.V. actors count?
b)  Zero.
c)  Never more than one.
d)  Two or three at most.
e)  More than three.
e)  Who can keep track? They change with my mood!

4. If I had to guess, the number of guys that currently have at least a little crush on me is:

a)  Are you kidding?
b)  One at the most.
c)  Two or three.
d)  a LOT!
e)  Do T.V. actors count? (You either get a TON of points for this, or you need to seek a mental health professional...)

5. The latest fashion trends:

a)  Are all in my closet (or at least the cool ones).
b)  Are capitalist-driven money machines targeted at degrading women.
c)  Are cool, I wish I had some.
d)  I don't wear fashion trends, I set them!
e)  Are irrelevant to my lifestyle.

6. My iPod/MP3 player:

a)  Has hundreds/thousands of songs of all types.
b)  Is sitting on a shelf at a store somewhere.
c)  Is filled with 'books on tape'.
d)  Is usually being borrowed by my friends.
e)  Is only used when I work out or run.
f)  Always seems to be used for parties.
g)  Huh? What's that?

7. Who was the last person you kissed?

a)  My Aunt Louisa.
b)  My last date.
c)  I don't remember his name...
d)  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Cooties!!!
e)  My boyfriend/significant other.
f)  Do family pets count?

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