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   Seniors -- Who Us? Just a Mild Crisis...

Remember when you really, really, really wanted to be a "Senior?" That, of course, was when you were a Sophomore.

Then after you graduated, well, you never thought about being called a "Senior" again until one heniously traumatic day.

The day it hit you that during the last twenty years while you were working and raising kids and doing good deeds in the world, gravity had been having its evil way with you.
All at once, owie. Who the heck is that in your mirror?

Getting older really sucks, until you adjust to it. And you either do, or you have a pretty miserable time of it. That adjustment period is what we fondly term "middle-age crisis." Which can be diagnosed by incidents such as waking up in the middle of the night laughing and writing down your thoughts.

Brilliant thoughts such as: "Is There a Universal Return Policy?" and "I'd like to return this birthday suit and get another model. One that won't wear out so soon, get wrinkled, gray, or waddle."

Then you laugh hysterically and fall back asleep. The next morning you read it and burst into tears. Now that's a crisis.

But, I digress.

Bottom line. Who are "Seniors" anyhow?

It's all relative. If you're a teenager, a "Senior" is anyone over 29. When you're thirty-something, well, it moves up considerably. As you slip into your forties, and people address you as "ma'am" and "sir" - you pretty much know you're slicking on down the road to "Senior" land.

When you collide with your fifties, "Seniors" suddenly transition into those folks who are at least 65.

Then in your sixties, you might admit being "older and wiser" but definitely nowhere near that "Elder" stuff they keep talking about.

Everything, my dears, if relative.And if you don't understand that theory - here is a direct quote from Albert Einstein that explains it:

"When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it's two hours. That's relativity."

So what I started out to do was apologize for the fact that we titled this section - the "Senior" section. So please accept our abject apologies - I hate the term "Senior" as much as any other self-respecting human who is in total denial.

Anyhow, good luck checking out the links below, all you nifty chicks and dudes.

Take me to the next Seniors page >>>>


Here are a few great links to check out:

How Can You Tell If Someone Wants to Date You?
Just in case you're single and have been out of circulation for a while or even in circulation, but are having trouble reading people sometimes, this quiz might help you understand such issues as: figuring out when you are likely to meet someone to date, what signals the other person may send to indicate that they are interested and more.

Friend Finders
Completely free. You can browse through their entire database of profiles, view up to ten profiles, and send an e-mail message to one member each 24 hour period.
You also have access to their Senior Friend Finder section and the chat rooms, interactive Magazine and can post poetry and articles on their site. The "50+ Seniors" use the site to make connections for different reasons - romance, dates, friends, penpals, activity partners, even marriage partners.
And it really is free!
So what do you have to lose? Make a connection!

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