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   Psychic Reading Love Numerology Calculator:
HIGH SCORE Results for Psychic Calculator Test...

Results Interpreted:
Now, your first instinct may be to congratulate yourselves for making it to this page with a psychic reading score of 51 or higher. Please, read on before thinking you're in for clear sailing.

  • 51-60: A psychic reading numerology score in this range suggests an unusually strong bond, or closeness, between couples in this range.
    While the partners may tend to rely upon each other a great deal for emotional support and validation, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Those whose score falls within this range must be able to survive alone in order for their relationship to survive when they are together. Although emotional support is important (and critical for many of those in this score range), it should not be allowed to be the determining factor in judging the 'success' of a relationship here. By working on yourself, you will be working to ensure a positive and fulfilling relationship with your partner.

  • 61-70: This score may mean a 'D' in school, but here, the psychic reading numerology suggests the 'D' represents dominance.
    Usually, one partner or the other here will display a clear dominant role, whether it be in the amount of affection they show, the amount of emotion they reveal, or the effort they appear to be putting into the relationship. It is important to remember, however, that both partners will contribute to the success (or failure) of any relationship. Watch out for, and avoid allowing one partner to take on the 'martyr' role, as can be common here.

  • 71-80: This psychic reading score range is often considered to be 'ideal.'
    The two of you share a common bond, a true connection, yet both are usually emotionally self-aware. Many times the partners will feel they have known the other much longer than they actually have; which can often be attributed to the deeper, subconscious emotional connection. The two of you share a great deal in common, but have enough differences to keep things 'interesting.'

  • 81-90: The Psychic Reading Numerology suggests a strong yet 'spirited' relationship.
    A relationship where both partners are often opinionated and driven enough to be called 'bull headed.' While this might not seem like a positive thing; here it usually is. Both partners have specific things that they want to get out of this relationship in specific, and their lives in general. The key again here is to strike a balance and come to an understanding where both partners are fulfilled. Relationship combinations that fall into this range can be intense, challenging, and rewarding, all at the same time.

  • 91-98: As the Psychic Reading score would indicate, these relationships are near the top end of the spectrum.
    Complacency, however, can endanger any romantic relationship- and according to the numerology, extra care should be taken here. 90's scores often indicate a couple that feel they know each other 'as well as anyone', or even 'completely.' It is important to remember that freedom and independence can be just as important as intimacy and openness in a relationship. Partners scoring in this range must be extra sure to retain their 'sense of self.' Your partner may seem like your 'reason for living', but just as important is that you are happy with yourself, and by yourself. Don't let the relationship consume you. Enjoy your time alone and with friends just as much as you treaure the time with your partner.

  • 99: This is likely the most volatile combination.
    Although many signs point toward an excellent relationship and romantic compatibility, it also has the potential for explosive differences. 99 has its own reading because of the unique interaction between partners here. The potential for a heartbreak that lasts years is probably greater here than any other relationship score- although the same likelihood is that this relationship will experience a closeness and 'oneness' of being that few will ever have the priveledge to experience. A score of 99 can be equated with a newborn thoroughbred of unparalleled breeding lines. It is fragile and tender while at the same time posessing an immeasurable potential for greatness.
    Also, note that here, the partners are most likely to actually share a psychic bond themselves, and can develop it with patience and time.

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