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War of the Worlds from Paramount - movie starring Tom Cruise... interview with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg

Romantic Gift Baskets >>>
How to Make Your Own Gift Baskets >>>

   Tom Cruise - "War of the Worlds" Video Interview
Tom Cruise iterview
Tom Cruise's co-stars from Paramount's "War of the Worlds" say he has boundless energy, even when the cameras aren't rolling. At a recent press conference, we asked Tom, sitting with War of the Worlds director Steven Speilberg, the secret to his boundless energy.
Video clip of a Tom Cuise - Steven Spielberg interview >>>

Tom Cruise - Ray Ferrier in War of the Worlds. Born July 3rd, 1962 inSyracuse, New York, United State of America. Deeply religious Thomas Cruise Mapother IV the only son of his nomadic parents was always on the move as a youngster.

Miranda Otto - Mary Ann Ferrier in War of the Worlds. Born on the 16th December of 1967 in Brisbane, Australia. Film and theatre spreads through the Otto family with Miranda’s dad being the famous Australian actor Barry Otto.

Dakota Fanning - Rachel Ferrier in War of the Worlds. Born on February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia, USA. At a very young age Dakota Fanning showed a big interest in acting.

Tim Robbins - Ogilvy - War of the Worlds. Born 16th October 1968 in West Covina, California, USA. Robbins went on to study drama at the UCLA where he graduated in 1981.

Justin Chatwin - Ray's Son in War of the Worlds. Born October 31st 1982 in British Columbia, Canada Justin Chatwin is an upcoming actor, and has already starred in films and TV Series such as 'Taken', 'Taking Lives', 'The Chumscrubbers' and lots more.

Rick Gonzalez - Born June 30th 1979, in New York City. He attended the "Fame" High School of performing arts where he studied Acting. Graduating in 1997 to pursue a career, Rick briefly worked in New York and later moved to Los Angeles to continue work.

David Alan Basche - Tim.

Directed by:
Steven Spielberg
Writing credits
Novel .... H.G. Wells
Screenplay .... Josh Friedman, David Koepp

Looking for a good read?
The War of the Worlds (1898), by H.G. Wells, describes the fictional 1895 invasion of Earth by aliens, from Mars, who use laser like Heat-Rays, chemical weapons, and mechanical three-legged "fighting machines" that could potentially be viewed as precursors to the tank. After defeating the resistance, the martians devastate much of eastern England including London.

Dakota Fanning interview
Katie Holmes interview

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War of the Worlds from Paramount - movie starring Tom Cruise... video interview with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg