Problems or trouble kissing - try a Perfect Kiss -- kissing instructions with photos, pics and fotos

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Kissing problems - troubleshooting guide "Houston, we have a problem" (uh oh)

There are many ways that first kiss can go terribly wrong, but most are easily avoided.


  • Moving too quickly
    Be careful not to startle the kissee - watch and wait for the signal to proceed
    If you aren't sensitive in your kissing, how empathetic and caring can you be about the rest of the relationship...
  • Wet, sloshy, squishy, fishy
    If you or the kissee need to wipe your lips, or chin, dry after the kiss - well, it wasn't 'perfect' was it?
  • Smash-mouth smothering kiss of death
    Avoid the over-passionate, insensitive kiss that leaves the kissee gasping for air.
  • Chapped, Cactus Lips
    There's a delicate balance to lip moisture equation. The last thing you want to do is drool on your partner, but you definitely don't want to leave scars with crispy, chafed lips.

  • Too much Tongue and Too Much, Too Soon
    Keep that tongue tucked away until you get the right signals, then apply with caution - later

  • Dragon Breath
    A mint or two, breath saver, gum, spray - anything to get rid of gunk-mouth.

  • Weak, Wobbly or Wooden Passionless Pecks
    The swoop in and bounce out kiss is simply meaningless - unless you want to impart a "let's just sort-of be friends" type of message.

  • Smacking, Clacking Loud Kisses
    The old "clack and smack" kills romance in a flash.

    Je t'aime
    Make up for it with chocolate

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